Spray painting is just one of the services we provide at Elegant Decorating and it’s a solution that often gets overlooked by customers. This article explores some of the advantages of a spray painting technique and suggests places you may want to use it around your home.

The Positives…

  1. It’s fast – On average spray painting is four times faster than other techniques, which means your home or business will be painted quicker so it’s less disrupting to you. It’s particularly useful if you have a large area to paint and there is a tight deadline approaching.
  2. A flawless finish – The quality of the finish is something to be admired when you have a surface spray painted. It’s flawless, with no blemishes or glaring imperfections. The results are stunning.
  3. It’s versatile – We can spray paint any coating desired, from emulsions to oil based lacquers, floor paints, varnishes, fire proof coatings or metal paints. Anything you desire to match your particular requirements.

Surfaces you can spray…

  • Walls – Walls can be coated 4 times quicker with our spray technique.
  • Ceilings – Hard to reach areas and places that you just can’t get access to with a brush can quickly be coated with our spray technology.
  • Kitchen cupboards – Create the kitchen of your dreams with an up-cycle of your kitchen units with our spray praint technique.
  • Cladding – Cover metal cladding in spray paint to give it a new lease of life and protect it for future years.
  • Columns – Spray painting covers columns in hardly any time at all.
  • Floors – Change the look of a room by spraying the flooring. Our specialists can assist you in choosing the right cover to make your floors look fabulous.
  • Doors – Give doors a makeover.  Metal and wooden doors can be sprayed to the highest standards by the specialists at Elegant Decorating.

Contact us to find out more about this modern and flawless painting technique and make your home feel fabulous!