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Decorating Company Southampton

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Elegant Decorating Contractors started as a small, family-run business; This has grown into one of the south’s leading and most well-respected painting and decorating companies. We haven’t lost that family feel over the 25 years we have been running as a business. We concentrate on reliability, cost-effectiveness and most importantly the quality of the service. After 25 years that is why we are still number one and why our customers come back to us time and time again.

We like to work alongside our clients on a highly personal level with our clients at the very centre of our work. We also use the best painters and decorators, because if your finish isn’t perfect then it isn’t finished. Based in Southampton our highly skilled decorators can offer you a range of services including spray painting, hygiene coatings, intumescent painting, decorative and commercial wallpapering and much much more! We deliver outstanding customer service from your first point of enquiry, through to the completion of the work. We believe that in building a trusted relationship so that you return to us time and time again.

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Our services include the residential, commercial and industrial sectors and we take pride in decorating your home, offices and factories. We work on people’s homes and this is one of the most important services because people’s homes really matter to them as it is theirs. With the location of our services, we have seen a large number of properties, from sea-view penthouses ad large country estates, to period family homes and listed buildings. At the end of each of these projects, it has made a difference in the lives of our amazing clients. We have turned their properties into a home they have dreameped about!

If you are interested in our services please do make sure to get in contact with us!