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What is intumescent painting?

In the event of a fire, intumescent paint is used to prolong the integrity of steel structures. Its use is a legal requirement in the UK for commercial and industrial buildings. Elegant Decorating has over 25 years’ worth of experience in intumescent painting.

Typically, this passive protection lies inactive and dormant. However, in the event of a fire, the coating will react when exposed to significant heat. This gives occupants of the building a far greater chance of escaping from danger.

It also affords the emergency services more time to bring any raging fires under control.

Whilst structural steel is a non-combustible material and has a certain resistance to fire, it’s not impervious to its effects. Its integrity deteriorates when exposed to temperatures in excess of 550°C. In fact, it will buckle and lose approximately half its strength. Although this might sound like a high temperature, fires can quickly exceed thousands of degrees. This sudden shift in malleability can lead to severe structural collapse. It’s because of this that every effort must be made to prolong and subdue this atrophy. Fortunately, intumescent paint activates once the temperature reaches 200°C. This activation takes places in the form of an expansive carbon layer. This slow expansion has low thermal conductivity and acts as an insulating system that can hold fires at bay.

Our industrial contractor services include:

We use the very latest techniques and the very best painters at Elegant Decorating.

Cladding painting and spraying

Exterior spray painting

Fire protection coatings

Hygiene coatings

Industrial spray painting

Intumescent spray painting

Masonry painting

Metal painting

Other protective coatings

Roof painting and spraying

Two-pack spraying

Our intumescent painting process

At Elegant Decorating, we work with thin-film intumescent coating. Recent advances have allowed fire resistance from between half an hour to two hours. Despite it being a thin film coating, the paint will expand up to 50 times its original thickness. Our team utilise both solvent-based and water-based coatings.

We guarantee aesthetic cohesion won’t be an issue.

Whilst steel beams can be prepared offsite, things like your bolts will still need coating. When done altogether, we can assure you it won’t look out of place. Intumescent paint also looks identical to normal paint. So, it’s crucial that installation records are kept for future assessment and inspective purposes.

If you’re looking for a high-end intumescent painting service based in Hampshire, look no further. For over 25 years, Elegant Decorating has blessed businesses with our signature – and elegant – touch. We pride ourselves on giving our customers a fast, friendly and efficient service. All our preparation work is undertaken to the highest of standards and we have industry accreditations that prove the quality of our contractors.

All our painting projects are risk assessed and thoroughly discussed with the client. Elegant Decorating’s commitment to health, safety and environmental sustainability are formally recognised. We act in accordance with the Management of Health and Safety at Work regulations 1999. We also have around the clock access to competent health and safety advice provided by IOSH accredited consultants.