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Passionate about Painting

High-quality craftsmanship is hard to come by. Especially locally. Fortunately, Elegant Decorating understands the importance of a trustworthy team. We’re a local painter and decorator company who assures seamless finishes. During preparation, we’ll ensure your floors, furniture and furnishings are covered. This way, we prevent unwanted damage or splashes. It might sound like a simple precaution but you’d be surprised how many Tom, Dick and Harry’s forget this step!

Fortunately, we’re not your average white van man. Our team always ensure a thorough job is done. After all, it’s our reputation that’s on the line. Once finished, we’ll restore your space to how we found it and make sure the site is clean and tidy. That way, you don’t need to pause for thought. You can simply step into your new home or business and get on with your day.

No job is too big or too small for Elegant Decorating. For over 25 years we’ve worked on a variety of properties across the South. Our local painters and decorators are comfortable working both inside and outside. Heights don’t phase us and we’re well aware of health and safety regulations (more on that down below)! We’ve worked our magic on commercial, residential and industrial projects but one thing has always remained true. Your space should reflect the who of you. Adding a splash of colour can make the world of difference. Once onboard, we can recommend design overhauls that will help bring your place alive.

Our contractors’ services include:

To provide our elegant touch, we only use the best.


Advice on materials and paints

Interior and exterior painting

And more!


Exterior painting

Office refurbishments

And more!


Hygiene coatings

Fire protection coatings

And more!

Dynamic Decorators

Local painters and decorators can help refresh, revitalise and modernise any area. We’re a family-run business who strive to cut to the heart of your space. We pride ourselves on friendly advice and quality workmanship. Our precise attention to detail is key to our success and emblematic of our ‘elegant touch’. We always listen to our customers and offer any relevant professional advice – especially if you face any difficult decisions. We have a passion for perfection and will keep you abreast of our progress.

For your complete peace of mind, we are accredited with industry bodies. All our painting projects are risk assessed and thoroughly discussed with the client. Elegant Decorating’s commitment to health, safety and environmental sustainability is formally recognised. We act in accordance with the Management of Health and Safety at Work regulations 1999. We also have around the clock access to competent health and safety advice provided by IOSH accredited consultants.