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Looking for local painters near you?

Well then, you’re in luck – we’re just around the corner!

Elegant Decorating has flourished into one of the South’s leading local painters. We’re not your average Tom, Dick and Harry. We’re passionate professionals who not only paint but create. We know that no project is quite alike, so we strive to treat each and every one with the respect it deserves. So whether it’s decorating your home or painting your business, know that we have the skill to get it done. From stripping a room to its bare bones to laying down the final finish. Our seasoned professionals do it all in an affordable and reliable manner.

We’re a fun family-run business who started from humble beginnings. If the past 25 years has taught us anything, it’s that you can’t put a price on quality customer service. We like smiles on our team and smiles on our customers too. We also understand the importance of being proud of your property and its appearance. We not only care about the heart of your home but the exterior too. After all, the outside is often what most people see and you should give it as much thought as your interior. So showcase your personality! Add a splash of colour and let your neighbours know the smiling chap they’re living next too.

Our contractors’ services include:

To provide our elegant touch, we only use the best.


Advice on materials and paints

Interior and exterior painting

And more!


Exterior painting

Office refurbishments

And more!


Hygiene coatings

Fire protection coatings

And more!

Passionate about painting

Fancy giving your home or business the elegant touch?

To kick things off, we’ll start with a consultation. That way, we can gain a thorough understanding of your tastes and turnoffs. If you find yourself lacking inspiration or are just simply undecided– don’t worry! We’ve worked on plenty of local properties and can offer case studies to stimulate your senses. For over 25 years, Dorset and Hampshire have played home to our trade. Elegant Decorating move heaven and earth for our clients. We’re keenly aware that preparation and planning is the key to success. That’s why our team strive to limit the amount of disruption to our clients . . . all whilst providing our trademark elegant finish. So if you’re after local painters – give us a call. With our refined technique and punctual service, your property will be tip-top in no time!

For your complete peace of mind, we are accredited with industry bodies. All our painting projects are risk assessed and thoroughly discussed with the client. Elegant Decorating’s commitment to health, safety and environmental sustainability is formally recognised. We act in accordance with the Management of Health and Safety at Work regulations 1999. We also have around the clock access to competent health and safety advice provided by IOSH accredited consultants.