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Down for some decorating?

Fancy giving your home or business the elegant touch?

Elegant Decorating ensure your project receives a high-quality finish on time – every time. We’re painting and decorating contractors who pride ourselves on our affordability and reliability. With our refined technique and punctual service, your property will be in tip-top condition in no time!

What began 25 years ago as a homegrown business has become so much more. We’ve since thrived into one of the South’s leading painting and decorating contractors. Our seasoned expertise has seen us work with a range of clientele – on homes, hospitals, hotels and more! We know that no project is quite alike, so we strive to treat each and every one with the respect it deserves. So whether it’s decorating your home or painting your business, know that we have the skill to get it done.

Elegant Decorating’s professional painters are courteous and polite. Our team maintain a stress-free environment. This and our exceptional work ethic has garnered us a definitive presence over the years. With such a well-established reputation in the South, it’s no wonder we get so many referrals! We continually provide that personable, yet professional touch. Plus, unlike some, we’re always open to customer feedback. After all, how would we continue to thrive otherwise?

Our contractors services’ include:

To provide our elegant touch, we use the best painters and decorators.


Advice on materials and paints

Decorative wallpapering

And more!


Exterior painting

Office refurbishments

And more!


Hygiene coatings

Fire protection coatings

And more!

Passionate about painting

As seasoned painting and decorating contractors, we’d relish revitalising your space. We’d start with a consultation so we can gain a thorough understanding of your tastes and turnoffs. If you find yourself lacking inspiration or are just simply undecided– don’t worry! We’ve worked on dozens of sites and can provide previous case studies to stimulate your senses. Our team will discuss styles and recommend colours that will not only suit the room but transform it. When you hire us as contractors, you’re not simply hiring Tom, Dick and Harry. You’re hiring passionate professionals who not only paint but create!

Paint is our passion. Our impressive results will redevelop your home or business’s look and feel. We’re clued up on expenses, so we won’t allow your costs to spiral out of control. Plus, we price up all projects competitively and accurately. So, if we can bring it in for you cheaper, we will!

Elegant Decorating is home-grown. We believe smiles are just as important on our customer’s faces as they are on our own team. For over 25 years, married couple Paul and Sarah Clark have kept everyone happy. We stick to a budget, have an aptitude for timekeeping and treat our work with as much elegance as we can muster. Better yet, we know the importance of family life and will work around your schedule.

All our painting projects are risk assessed and thoroughly discussed with the client. Elegant Decorating’s commitment to health, safety and environmental sustainability is formally recognised. We act in accordance with the Management of Health and Safety at Work regulations 1999. We also have around the clock access to competent health and safety advice provided by IOSH accredited consultants.