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Painting & Decorating Contractors Southampton

Painting & Decorating Contractors Southampton

Elegant decorating was founded in 1995 by husband and wife, Paul and Sarah Clark. It started just as a family business but has soon grown into one of the south’s leading and most-well respected painting and decorating companies. But we haven’t lost that family feel over the past 25 years. Reliability, cost-effectiveness and, most importantly, quality is still at the forefront of what we do. Even after 25 years that is the reason why we are still number one and why our customers keep coming back to us. We work with all of our clients on a highly personal level because they are the ones that are at the centre of our work. We also only use the best painters and decorators in the business, because if your finish isn’t perfect then it isn’t finished. Our aim is to deliver outstanding customer service from your first point of contact all the way through to the completion of the work. We are trusted time and time again by large businesses and public sector organisations. That is why you should come with painting & decorating contractors Southampton.

We take pride in our work as decorating contractors, our work on people’s home is among our most important because people’s homes really matter to them. Our location in Dorset and Hampshire has meant that we have worked on a big range of properties, from sea-view penthouses and large country estates, to period family homes and listed buildings. But there is always one constant with every project we complete and that is we have made a positive difference to the customer’s lives and helped them turn their beautiful properties into their dream homes.

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