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Retail Painting

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First impressions are everything. Make yours count with Elegant Decorating.

When someone steps into a room, colours and stylistic choices can invoke a range of emotions, feelings – and even memories. For this very reason, you should make sure that your retail painting exudes warmth, so as to not dissuade potential customers. How you present your business determines your customer’s perception of you and your brand. Try it for yourself. When you step into a retail outlet, what response does the décor elicit? Are there conflicting colours or drab pallets that don’t compliment the lighting of the room? If so, you might find yourself feeling downcast or uneasy – which doesn’t necessarily incentivise you to purchase a product.

Add a splash of colour. Invigorate their senses and your sales.

Over the last 25 years, Elegant Decorating has turned our hand to some of the largest retail outlets in the South. Big and small, we’ve done them all. Our friendly team is fully qualified and understand how to navigate lighting, windows, doors and more. We don’t cut corners and know how much a fresh coat of paint can enhance your retail premises. Better still, we appreciate that costs and disruption to business trading are key concerns for any retailer. To calm your concerns, you can be sure that our team meticulously plans each project and offers the most cost-effective solutions. Alongside this, we also implement maintenance solutions that cause minimum disruption to trade. It’ll be as if we were never there. So get in touch today. All it takes is a couple of coats to ensure you come away with perfect, drip-free and hard-wearing colours.

Our Retail Painting Services Include:

We use the latest techniques and the best painters and decorators.

Airless Spraying

Commercial Decoration

Commercial Spray Painting

Decorative Wall Papering

Exterior Painting

Metal Painting

Office Refurbishments

Painting Site Preparation

Shop Front Spraying

Reasonable, Passionate Painters.

Elegant Decorating support home and business owners in making the right stylistic choices.

In recent years, our reputation for providing top-quality retail painting has gone from strength to strength. We pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled customer service. All so our client’s and their customers can benefit from the full breadth of emotions that décor can elicit. It might sound farfetched, but visual harmony can be achieved through the correct cohesion of colour theory. With the correct execution, you can engage your customer’s senses without saying a word.

We work with architects, contractors and tradespeople to deliver a bespoke service to all our clients – regardless of scope or size.

Elegant Decorating runs a friendly and helpful service. We have over two decades of experience in design and project management. When it comes to retail painting we understand the importance of striking the correct balance of colour unity. Too much can cause under-stimulation, whereas extreme complexity can lead to aggressive over-stimulation. In short: chaotic colours can be overbearing but blandness can be underwhelming.

Don’t be formulaic. Break the mould and embolden your brand perception – today.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction from our contractors. Our experienced and detail-oriented team will be happy to assist you in selecting the ideal types and colours of paints. Whatever you need, we offer intelligent advice from experienced people.

For over 25 years we’ve worked on a variety of properties across the South. Our local painters and decorators are comfortable with working both inside and out. Adding a splash of colour can make the world of difference and once on-board, we can recommend designs that will help bring your place alive. Why not take a look at our portfolio of projects or contact our team to learn more? We’re always on hand to attend to tricky, complex and bespoke jobs too – so just let us know exactly what you need and we will be more than happy to supply you with an appropriate quote.