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Done with decorating? Live in or around Southampton and would rather someone else strolled in and pushed ahead with your project? If you’re after a home makeover – or even an office or industrial renovation – you should have it done with a spot of elegance.

At Elegant Decorating, we offer a variety of services fit for various customers. We know that no two projects are alike, so we strive to treat each and every project with the respect it deserves. Elegant Decorating are a home grown business who reason that work doesn’t have to be hard, so long as our team are hard working. We enjoy making memories come to life and we think that smiles are just as important to see on our customers as they are on our team.



We’ve worked on a full internal decoration development over on the charming outskirts of Southampton. Our work across 12 New Build properties at Sundays Hill Close presented a variety of unique layouts and sizes. So we popped our hardhats on and got to thinking about how each room would benefit from our personal touch. It was a lovely job and we’re overjoyed that 50% are already sold.

We’re also immensely proud of the spirit and outcome our team put into the hotel, Room 2. Situated in central Southampton, this incredible project was a joy to work on. We worked across several rooms, such as the lobby, bar, dining areas, and guest rooms – each one fitted with its own unique and stylish flourishes. Despite the difficulties that are often incurred on a busy working site, the end result was simply fabulous.

Health & Safety


Elegant Decorating have 24hr access to health and safety advice via by IOSH accredited consultants and perform in accordance with the Management of Health and Safety at Work regulations (1999). To learn more about this, please visit Corps Construct