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Spray Painting


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On-site Spray Painting Specialists

Fast, efficient services in Bournemouth and beyond.

You don’t get a second chance at a first impression. Quality work is nothing without a quality finish. So ensure you get the flawless finish you deserve with Elegant Decorating’s spray painting services in Bournemouth. Our specialists continually push themselves to deliver applications that stand the test of time. If you think your business isn’t looking its best then what do you think is going through the minds of your customers? Boost your perception and increase your marketability with something as simple as a spray. Using cutting-edge equipment, the latest know-how and a fervent desire to get the job done, we already know we stand out from the crowd.

Our pricing is clear, fair and competitive. When requested, spray painting can be used on all our projects. It can be sprayed on almost all types of surfaces and substrates – including metalwork, uPVC and wood.

Elegant Decorating promises professionalism, client satisfaction and innovative measures. All to ensure your Bournemouth property looks clean and pristine. We take pride in limiting disruption to our clients, whilst transforming their properties. Given the hardship of recent years, we all understand the importance of keeping businesses on their feet and operational. That’s why we aim to complete all our industrial projects on time and within budget. We’re all about the preparation and planning at Elegant Decorating – all so we can guarantee a swift, yet flawless finish.

Our Spray Painting Services Include:

To provide our elegant touch, we only use the best.

Advice on Spray Painting

Airless Spraying

Cladding Spray Painting

Commercial Spray Painting

Exterior Spray Painting

Industrial Spray Painting

Intumescent Spray Painting

Masonry Painting

Painting Site Preparation

Shop Front Spraying

Two-Pack Spraying

Keep your Bournemouth property, looking spick and spam.

We make watching paint dry fly by.

We’re an honest, straight-talking family-oriented business. We’ll only ever give you advice that’s in your best interests and our friendly team only have what’s right for your business in mind. Spray painting in Bournemouth is a cost-effective solution that can significantly bolster the charm of any location. You’d be surprised how much a lick of paint can embolden your property and shift your brand perspective. Our team are well-trained in the use of our high-calibre machines and are able to deliver rapid yet efficient results – without compromising on quality.

Give your property a new lease of life with our brilliant spray painted finishes.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction from our contractors. Our experienced and detail-oriented team will be happy to assist you with selecting the ideal types and colours of paints. Whatever you need, we offer intelligent advice from experienced people.

For over 25 years we’ve worked on a variety of properties across the South. Our local painters and decorators are comfortable with working both inside and out. Adding a splash of colour can make the world of difference and once on-board, we can recommend designs that will help bring your place alive. Why not take a look at our portfolio of projects or contact our team to learn more? We’re always on hand to attend to tricky, complex and bespoke jobs too – so just let us know exactly what you need and we will be more than happy to supply you with an appropriate quote.